Jordan Sewell

Well, my name is Jordan. I'm 23 years old and living my life, my way! I graduated from The Art Institute of Dallas with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design. I have the most amazing husband in the world, Nathin, and without him I know there would be a piece of my heart missing. My family definitely isn't the everyday normal family, but I love them and I'd be nowhere without them. My best friend, Amber, is a huge part of my life, and she's one of the few who keep me going. I am the world's biggest Harry Potter nerd... ever! I have 6 piercings and 8 tattoos, and I definitely have more tattoos to come! Talking shit is an art form I mastered a long time ago, and you're far behind in the game. Without my cellphone I'd die, it is with me at ALL times. Drama follows me wherever I go, I can't seem to get away from it. Will and Grace is my life in a sitcom, pretty soon my life will be a sitcom once someone catches on! ;) Drugs are stupid, don't do them. My biggest fear I would have to say is the rain, I've been afraid of it since I was little. Life is too short, have fun!




Kid sucks mustard off his buddy’s cock a picnic and turns it into mayonnaise

One of my favorite Vids.  How does nobody look over at it, as if it’s not going on? It’s amazing… What the fuck is going on there

where does this happen?

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